Topic 2: My City. Tourists’ Impressions vs Residents’ Realities

This topic challenges learners to consider the view of their town/city through other people’s eyes, and take a closer look at what they see themselves (plan suggested at the bottom of the page, but please let your learners get creative!).

Bronte Rose Ainsley’s 12-year-old learner Irene Militello,  IH London School Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

Bronte Rose Ainsley’s 12-year-old learner Paola di Maria,  IH London School Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

Interview with a tourist in Palermo, Italy

Bronte Rose Ainsley’s 7-14-year-old learners,  IH London School Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Interesting impressions of Rome residents:

A ‘non-stick plan’ (Adrian Underhill coined that term :)):

1) Elicit from learners what impressions a visitor might have of their town/city, before they visit* or after their weekend there. What do they think of their town/city? Do these two impressions correspond?

*Optional – Contact us and we’ll get another Purple Carrots class to give their outsider impressions on your place.

2) As with Topic 1 (it’s never too late to do this one too!), allow your students to unleash their creativity in how they present their information. Send us what you have and we’ll upload it to the blog. A few ideas to get the ball rolling:

Tourists’ Impressions

– Interview tourists or visitors.

– Make a tour guide video introducing some of the main attractions.

– Make a tour guide brochure

– Doodle what tourists expect from a visit to your town/city.

– Imagine you’re a tourist visiting for a long weekend. Write a 3-day diary of your trip.

Residents’ Reality 

– Interview a local resident (in English). What’s it really like to live there?

– Storyboard: a day living where you live.

– Set up an alternative local council. With a budget, which problems will be dealt with first? Why? How? Debate!

– The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Shoot a short drama highlighting some positives, problems and suggested solutions.

Enjoy! 🙂

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